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About Us

Team J Bars is all about taking fitness away from closed spaces out into the open. It is about using your body and elements from your surroundings to build yourself. It is an independent, free-form system of working out – one that combines strength, grace and goodness.



Team J Bars is incorporates the art of Calisthenics and street workout to develop a customized workout for the individual: It is sustainable It is effective It is pocket-friendly No equipment. No fuss. No frills. And the best thing? All you need is you!


A Digital Designer by profession, 27 year old Govind is an avid Calisthenics and Street Exercise enthusiast and fitness buff. Self-trained and motivated, he has been helping fitness lovers discover this new avenue and offering them expert guidance to fully explore their fitness potential.




  • “I find his energy very contagious. And he is also very patient, as well as clear about his ideas.” – Amit

  • “The thing about Govind is instead of making him rely on him, he tries to make you self-reliant, which is a very refreshing trait in a trainer.” – Sindoora

  • “Friendly and helpful. Very positive explanation on use of body-weight.” – Neal